Training visit, SMENSWICT Project

October 23, 2021
Training with school students, SMENSWICT
November 15, 2021

On 26.10.202, the Municipality of Vlora organized the Study Visit in the framework of the implementation of the SMENSWICT project “Smart energy saving, energy upgrade and energy efficiency models in public buildings by using advanced Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and Building Management Systems”, a project funded by European Community funds within the INTERREG Greece-Albania 2014 -2020 Program.

This study visit was attended by representatives of the Chamber of Commerce in the Municipality of Arta, Greece, the Mayor of Scoufas Municipality, Ioannina, Greece, representatives of the Department of Urbanism, Infrastructure and Investment in the Municipality of Vlora, Urban Waste Treatment Company and AULEDA- Local Economic Development Agency, Vlora with the quality of external expertise for the Municipality of Vlora.

The study visit started in the premises of the Municipality of Vlora with the presentation of two good practices in the field of use of renewable energy and energy efficiency in public buildings. These practices were implemented by the Municipality of Vlora in the context of the implementation of two projects: the Great SUN Project, funded by the EC through the INTERREG Greece Albania 2014-2020 Program and the CO CLEAN project – through the INTERREG Albania-Italy-Montenegro Program 2014-2020. Both projects have brought innovative infrastructural models of installation of photovoltaic panels to cover the needs for electricity and hygienic conditions in the building of Kindergarten No. 5 and the Cultural Center of Vlora

In the premises of AULEDA Agency for Local Economic Development, the participants in the study visit were introduced to two other projects implemented by AULEDA in cooperation with European public and private international partners, respectively the Passage Project, funded by the EC through the INTERREG EURO Program 2014 -2020 and SHIPMENT, funded by the EC through the ADRION Program 2014-2020. Both projects presented focus on reducing CO-2 emissions through the use of renewable energy sources and increasing the energy efficiency of economic activities taking place in the maritime and coastal area.

Very interesting for the participants was the visit to the Solar Poultry Farm in Llakatund, an innovative farm not only for innovative technology in production but for its effective management. 60 KW photovoltaic panels were installed on the roof of three plants with a capacity of 50,000 chickens, intelligent energy efficiency system equipped with sensors to ensure constant parameters of temperature, humidity and air quality were innovative systems implemented with funding from ARDA and the Program IPARD. Photovoltaic panels covered the needs not only for the development of production activity at zero cost, but also for energy production of about 20,000 KW per year and exchange in the national energy system.

The SMENSWICT project is an holistic and integrated plan for improving energy efficiency performance in targeted public sector buildings in order to provide demonstrated basis for development of a sustainable energy efficiency improvement program in the public sector of the cross border which can benefit local societies (combined with social policy measures) and involve through energy communities from large organizations to each and every citizen.