The Local Development Strategy of GLV-AdriJon Vlorë is part of the creation of a preliminary approach of the rural model from the bottom-up (bottom-up approach) by u learning in the practices of the EU LEADER initiative. Through DFID and Oxfam GB-Albania aimed to strengthen the role of rural women in decision-making local friends of the promotion of the establishment and empowerment of the Local Action Group – AdriJon who seeks in its spaces 2 municipalities and 1 district municipality – Vlora (Novoselë, Center and Orikum)

Culture and Creativity: designing strategies and innovative policies.

Activities in the field of culture and creativity not only enrich people, cities and territories
with values and knowledge, but also in the local entrepreneurial and production fabric represent an astonishing opportunity for economic development and innovation.

Strategic Plan- Qarku Vlore

Nowadays, the absolute priority for all e territories is the development of an economic base as well as to be resolved. This way, the Albanian government has adapted a development policy, focused on investments in the key activity and has promoted the leading sectors in the economy, all demonstrate regional comparisons. The units of Governments in Vlora County have shown one interest to be part of the development integrated, in with the National Strategy of Tourism and National Development Strategy
and Integration.