Services related to the grant scheme IPARD II – Agriculture and Rural Development Program, Instrument of First Assistance – Accession (IPA II).

The IPARD program is financial support for agriculture, agro-processing and rural development from EU funds (75%) and the Albanian government (25%).

This service includes the preparation of the file for AZHBR, which is related to:

  • Preparation of the business plan (descriptive and financial part).
  • Financial consultancy (guidance of the subject regarding fiscal documents and tax legislation).
  • Technical consultancy (preparation of the budget, permaculture techniques based on EU requirements and standards).
  • Legal consultancy (compilation of service contracts, preparation of legal documentation).

Sectors covered by IPARD II schemes:

Measure 1: Investments in agricultural farms

               (Milk, meat, fruit-vegetable sector, vineyards).

Measure 3: Investments in agro-processing

                (Milk, meat, fruit-vegetable sector, vineyards).

Measure 7: Farm diversification and business development

  • Production of aromatic medicinal plants, mushrooms, honey, ornamental plants and snails.
  • Farm processing and direct marketing of agricultural products (milk, meat, fruits and vegetables, olives, wine, etc.).
  • Processing and marketing of wild or cultivated aromatic medicinal plants, mushrooms and honey.
  • Natural and rural tourism.
  • Services for the rural population and business.
  • Crafts and manufacturing industry.
  • Renewable energy production.

National Schemes

The National Scheme is financial support for agriculture and rural development from the Albanian government budget.

“AULEDA” offers farmers online application service through a simplified procedure in e-Albania for all direct support measures:

Measure 1.  Support for seeds-seedlings and other inputs in greenhouses.

Measure 2.  Construction of solar greenhouses.

Measure 3.  Support for the cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants.

Measure 4.  Certified organic farms.

Measure 5.  Global GAP implementation and certification.

Measure 6.  For the basic matriculated herd.

Measure 7.  Beekeeping.

Measure 7.1. Support for wheat cultivation.

Measure 8.  Purchase of professional commercial fishing vessels.

Measure 9. For the renovation of the fishing vessel.

Measure 10. Support for building markets for agricultural and livestock products.

Measure 11. Support for the automation and digitization of farm work processes.

Measure 12. Oil support for the performance of mechanized works in agriculture.

The measure of the benefit of the grant will depend on the measure for which the farmer applies.