IPA I ADRIATIC (2007-2013)​

The Knowledge Exchange Program for the Adriatic School System (KEPASS) is a project aimed at promoting undergraduates mobility at the secondary school level, responding to the growing need of a challenging and high quality education system from young students and their parents. This is why the main goal of this program is to give students, aged 17 or 18, the opportunity to attend…


IPA I ADRIATIC (2007-2013)

Following the results achieved by Kepass and Delmvet projects, financed by the IPA Adriatic CBC programme, BlueSKILLS project aims to capitalize the experiences and achievements of previous projects in order to promote the harmonization and integration of education systems and vocational training in the Adriatic area, enhancing the competitiveness of the educational system of the Adriatic-Ionian…..


IPA I ADRIATIC (2007-2013)

Overall objective of SMART INNO project is to develop a smart networking system for monitoring and fostering research & innovation capacity in SMEs, to increase competitiveness, and support SMEs sustainable growth through the use of financial instruments and coaching schemes on improving investment readiness, with emphasis on cross-border cooperation across the Adriatic….


IPA I ADRIATIC (2007-2013)

Public and Private entities in Adriatic and elsewhere have identified a challenge on finding a common language and field of interest between research & innovation and reaching a common understanding of the commercial imperatives in terms of economic and social development. IPATECH aims at developing a network for integrated trans-regional cooperation between knowledge & technology providers, innovation intermediaries and SMEs in the agro-food sector and thus facilitate industrial and commercial exploitation of research…