Interreg IPA CBC Programme “Greece – Albania 2014-2020”

TSocial economy and social entrepreneurship are identified as factors of social and economic cohesion across Europe, contributing to the construction of a pluralistic and resilient economy. They create jobs, provide innovative products and services and promote a more sustainable economy, while contributing to the integration of democracy into economy and environmental protection. They also create new perspectives and hopes for the future and help citizens regain control over decisions that affect……


Interreg IPA CBC Programme “Greece – Albania 2014-2020”

The project’s overall objective is the exploitation and highlighting of Municipality advantages, aiming to promoting the exports of local cultural products, the increase of national and foreign visitors to local events, the quality of life enhancement for the citizens and the medium-term increase of the number of citizens in the specific Municipality. This process will also create new investment and job opportunities as a result……


INTERREG IPA CBC Greece - Albania 2014 -2020

MileSTONES II: “Encouraging tourism development through the preservation and promotion of the cross border cultural and natural resources” was approved under the 2nd Call of the IPA Cross-Border (CB) Programme “Greece-Albania 2014-2020” and is a follow-up of the successful project “MileSTONES” which was implemented during 2016-2018.

The initial objective was to protect and preserve the two ancient theatres by tackling any potential threats and risks. Despite the total success of the original project, the CB region faces additional challenges…..


INTERREG IPA CBC Greece - Albania 2014 -2020

MileSTONES III constitutes the third project of the partners, in their joint efforts for the preservation and valorization of cultural heritage as a stepping stone to tourism development, expanded in an area-wide level.

The overall objective of the MileSTONES III Project is the improvement of the capacity to manage and revitalize cultural heritage and support growth in tourism.

SOLIS Project

INTERREG IPA CBC Greece - Albania 2014 -2020

The project addresses one of the major global challenges that humanity is facing, but most importantly takes on what is described as a THREAT for the Cross-Border area: the “Potential severe impacts of climate change on the natural and manmade environment”. The project aspires to showcase how a well-developed integrated energy intervention can achieve environmental targets, while at the same time boost economic growth and lead to a fair low-carbon economic development.


INTERREG IPA CBC Greece - Albania 2014 -2020

SMENSWICT develops and implements solutions for increasing energy efficiency and renewable energy usage in public infrastructures and in the same time supporting the shift towards a low-carbon economy in all sectors by supporting energy efficiency, smart energy management and renewable energy use in public infrastructure….