“AULEDA” through this fund, offer support to SME-s even though it is not a financial institution or bank. This fund is available for:

  • People that don’t have sufficient guarantee of capital assets.
  • Start up (new enterprises) and for more in rural areas.
  • People who have a feasible entrepreneurial idea in one of the aforementioned sectors.
  • People who have innovative and sustainable ideas with the environment “AULEDA” offers all the necessary technical assistance for the opportunities of start –up business, for the preparation of business plans, business management, market research, trainings, contracts and cooperation agreements, launch of new products, certifications, etc

According to the contract the financing value varies from 500,000 ALL min – 10,000,000 ALL max for a maxi period up to 5 years, equal installments and monthly payment.

  • Investments for the purchase of plants, machinery and accessories for the production activity;
  • For the restructuring and adjustment of real estate destined for production. The fund created finances only 30% of the estimated investment value for these rehabilitations;
  • Investments to improve quality and commercial products
  • Purchase of raw materials and processed

The investment projects to be selected will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Credibility for the self-sustainability of the entrepreneurial project;
  • Contemporary investment level;
  • Management capability;
  • Accuracy and completeness of submitted documents;
  • Assembly draws up and approves the priorities of using the Guarantee Fund in accordance with development priorities and based on an argumentative analysis of the supply request for the creation of for the creation of social business and social ventures.
  • The Board of Shareholders elected by the Assembly approves all loan cases that are required by the Guarantee Fund before they are presented and protected in the Credit Committee
  • The Credit Committee is the body that reviews and approves the loan after its presentation and argumentation.

 Auleda is the Authority that uses the Guarantee Fund, makes a careful analysis of the selection of the beneficiaries. In order to minimize losses stemming from bad credit while guaranteeing the risk of failure of entrepreneurial activities, folow up for SME-s created by including them as beneficiaries in European projects.

FOLLOW UP OF CREDITORS AULEDA follows a continuous monitoring plan for all credit cases both during the credit phase and after its completion. All credit applicants are seen as partners and they are assisted in many ways like: finding market, promotion, studies, business plan preparation, loan applications or support.