Festival in Finiq
September 23, 2022
September 23, 2022

In the framework of the CREATURES Project, the Promotion of Creative Tourism through new experimental and sustainable routes, finances by the European Union in the framework of the INTERREG – ADRION program, were organized on March 31 and May 6, 2022 training sessions with the participants of the startup acceleration program.

In this training, the participants are informed about the creative industry, it’s actors, the situation of the creative industry in Albania and the EU, sharing of good practices, the connection of the creative industry with sustainable tourism and a detailed analysis of the countries of the region around the lebel of their development in the field of creative industries.

The training modules focused on the development of business models, market analysis, cost analysis, marketing strategies and digital marketing.

Professionals who operate in the field of culture and cultural heritage, certified tourist guides or in the process, tourist operators who offer creative services for their activity took part in these trainings.

The main purpose of the program is to test acceleration modules for new initiatives in the field of creative cultural industry that promote the development of cultural tourism but not only.

AULEDA – Vlora Local Economic Development Agency is an associate partner in the project in support of the Vlora Regional Directorate of Cultural Heritage and at the same time experts for increasing the entrepreneurial skills of culture and cultural tourism operators.