If you are a freelancer over 50 and want to get involved in a volunteer program to support young people, this call is for you!

The role of mentors is to contribute to the integration of young people in the work environment, inside and outside the Albanian territory, leaving a positive impact on the social life and professional development of young people.

The criteria and skills you must meet to be part of the European network of mentors must be:

– volunteer mentors of the 50+ age group

-knowledge of the English language

-computer skills

– professionals motivated to complement and support young people

MAB mentoring will take place through the MAB platform – Welcome to the Mentoring Across Borders platform! | MAB Platform (

About the project

MAB – Mentoring Across the Borders is a project financed by the EU, within the Erasmus + Program. Guided by the CEV Center for European Volunteering and the general project manual, produced by the Confederation of European Senior Expert Services CESES, the project coordinator.

As a European project, it aims to contribute and raise the awareness of many participants on the third age and on the mutual benefit created by the interactions of retired professionals (or not) with the new generations. Specifically, volunteer professionals aged 50+ will help young people aged 18-30 to enter the labor markets within the European Union and beyond.

Through the online platform ( Welcome to the Mentoring Across Borders platform! | MAB Platform ( ) mentors will offer their knowledge and experience to young people based on a mentoring methodology, who can then register in the field of their interests. Also, the matching of mentors and mentees will be enabled online, physically or both options alternately.

For more detailed information about the MAB project, mentors, mentees or the platform, visit

Also, we invite you to watch the summary video about the MAB Project Promo video (full) (

How to apply?

If you are interested in participating, please send an email to or call 033 403 237