RESULTS of our activities

In AULEDA’s 20 years of activity:

  • Inter-municipal and regional Strategic Plans have been developed following the participatory


  • Local economic potentialities in urban and rural areas of Vlora, Region have been mapped.
  • Around 1500 enterprises have received technical assistance (capacity building, business plan preparation, applications for the national grant scheme, e-marketing, e-commerce tools development)
  • 24 SME-s have received financial support thanks to the Financial Mechanism of Guarantee Fund.
  • 55 start –ups has been created through start –up acceleration programs, coaching, mentoring and advising, pitching events and financial support.
  • 450000 Euro have been delivered to entrepreneurs from rural areas as credits, with 100% return rate
  • 320 jobs have been created from the SME-s and new start ups
  • 5680 people have received professional training or have been trained in enterprise management
  • The constitution of 4 social enterprises has been promoted, and the enterprises have been financially supported.
  • 85 projects have been implemented, for a total amount of 5 million Euro, managed by AULEDA as lead partner, partner and subcontractor.
  • 42 projects were financed from European Commission under CARDS, IPA 1 and IPA II Programs with a total amount of 2.4 million Euro.
  • 35 SME-s were supported for the applications under IPARD Program
  • Vlora Food Incubator (VIF) with the participation of 38 local producers was established in 2019.
  • INEV – Innovation and Professional Education Center was established offering lifelong learning (LLL) courses.
  • Balkan MED Agro Food Cluster and Maritime Industry ADRION Cluster were established with the participation of 32 SME-s operating in both sectors.

In particular, in the last three years:

  • 35 local administration and 46 local NGOs have been trained and supported in managing local economic development
  • 14 value chains have been created in Vlora, Berat and Gjirokastra Regions.
  • 65 new enterprises have been created and 45 of them were supported in Vlora Region
  • 670 enterprises have been technically supported in business plan preparations, grant’s schemes applications, e-commerce, e-marketing tools, capacity building and professional education of HR. 
  • 114,000 EURO have been used for sustaining 8 enterprises, out of 253,000 EURO at AULEDA’s disposal to access to credit.
  • 250 000 Euro financial support for the establishment of 55 startups, 35% of them belongs to owners from Egyptian and Rom minorities.
  • 220 jobs have been created (42% of which for women) and 350 jobs have been maintained (55% of which for women) thanks to AULEDA’s support.
  • 1500 people (890 of which women) have been trained in enterprises management, local production processing, ISO standards for agro-food products, social enterprise, use of ICT tools
  • 5 international B2B meetings organized with 53 SME-s representatives participation.

110 capacity building trainings have been organized, respectively for:

  • ISO standards in agro-food processing.
  • IPARD and AZHBR grant schemes applications.
  • Digital marketing and digital story telling.
  • Project management, project cycle, financial management for public instructions and local government units.
  • Social Enterprise and circular economy training.
  • Industry 4.0, digitalization of the industry
  • Capacity building for branding, labeling and marketing of local products new national regulation.
  • 3D- Modeling and simulation in maritime industry
  • Industry quality control
  • Transnational training of youths in tourism services and entrepreneurship skills.
  • Technics for the Environmental Trained Observers
  • Start –up acceleration program for cultural and creative industry sector
  • Training of youths for renewable energy resources.
  • Training of SME-s for the energy efficiency in their economic activity
  • Training of teachers for renewable energy didactic materials and innovative teaching process.
  • Entrepreneurship in New Technologies and Similar Industries
  • Entrepreneurship in the Field of Tourism and Similar Industries
  • Sustainable and transnational entrepreneurship development

Online Learning Platforms

SMART INNO Platform –

TRANS-EDU NET Platform –

SHIPMENTT Platform –

Economic and territorial analysis have been developed, and the related studies have been published:

  1. Feasibility study for use of ICT from public administration in the service to citizens.
  2. Survey for use of ICT from SME-s focused on web commerce and e commerce
  3. Feasibility study about tourism development in Pogradec.
  4. Survey about value chains in Vlora Region.
  5. Rural Strategy development of LAG “Adrijon area.
  6. Master plan for economic development of Lumi i Vlores area
  7. Strategic Plan of Vlora Region 2010-2020
  8. Analysis of local curricula in the field of tourism in Bulgaria, Greece, Albania and Macedonia.
  9. Transnational Strategy for organization of trainings and curricula towards growth and employment of young people in the tourism
  10. Analysis of the general characteristics of entrepreneurship in tourism in Bulgaria, Greece, Albania, and Macedonia.
  11. RIS Albania 3 in agro food industry
  12. Supply and demand study for the development of social enterprises in Albania
  13. Return to investment models (ROI) for social enterprises development
  14. Joint report for cultural and creative industry development in ADRION area
  15. Technical study about architecture and pathologies of old buildings in Gjirokaster City.
  16. Study about the Agro-food clusters in Albania.
  17. test