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The Local Economic Development Agency

The agency serves about 300,000 residents of Vlora County and operates in an area of 2706 km². Our mission is to provide services and execute initiatives and projects for social, economic, cultural, and environmental development of the region of Vlora to spread the cultural view integration and consolidation of resources, skills, and competencies according to the principles of human development.

Mirela Koci – Executive Director of Auleda

January 9, 2023

On 7th of december, a discussion was held with business groups about investments in renewable energies.

  On seventh of December 2022, in one-on-one meetings and focus groups with businesses operating in the tourism and agro-industry sectors in Vlora County, to discuss […]
November 21, 2022

Grow Start UP EUSAIR POPRI YOUTH, National Startup Competition

“Grow Start UP EUSAIR POPRI YOUTH” – National Startup Competition for EUSAIR POPRI YOUTH 2023 On November 11-12-13, 2022, the Local Economic Development Agency – Auleda […]
October 26, 2022

Training sessions for energy efficiency and investments in renewable energy sources

 PRESS   RELEASE On April 7 and 13 April 2022, training sessions for energy efficiency and investments in renewable energy sources participated in training were members of […]

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Tender announcement

The Municipality of FINIQ, intends to award a infrastructure & works contract for INFRASTRUCTURE & WORKS – WP4, Del 4.2.1, Del 4.2.2…



Drejtoria Rajonale e Trashëgimisë Kulturore Vlorë, në kuadër të projektit CREATURES…



Livadhja – Pajisjet e Qendrës Kulturore, Del 3.3.4 -Projekti “RyTHM” -Nxitja e Kreativitetit dhe Lidhja e Aseteve Kulturore Përmes…