Wetland Project

Creation of a wetland Artificial herbal purification system – in order to purify the sewage of the Narta school in the Narta Lagoon Financed by GEF/UNDP.

Aim of the project

Improvement for the sewage treatment system in Narta School, through the use of innovative ecological system.

Area of Intervention: The protected area of Narta Lagoon. Narta Lagoon is situated on the south-eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea and stretches over 10,000 ha. The site consists of Salinas, sand dunes, salty lands and cultivated land. The area is bordered by the hills of Zverneci and on this side of the lagoon two small islands are located.


  • Training courses for the specialists
  •  Construction of the wetland
  •  Planting of fragmites process
  •  Awareness campaign within the community
  •  Experience
  •  Water monitoring
  •  Construction of the sports grounds
  •  Construction of didactical areas
  •  Experience sharing


  •  Testing of the herbal purification equipment for the sewage of the Narta school
  •  Construction of a didactical corner with information about the Narta Lagoon’s wildlife
  •  Creation of a recreation area around the Narta school’s garden
  •  Construction of the sports ground with a volleyball and a basketball field for the school students
  •  Awareness campaign for 300 students and their teachers about the ecological system of sewage purification