Auleda's Team

Mirela Koci

Eexecutive Director


Ms. Koci has been the Executive Director of Auleda since September 2010. She completed her university studies at the Polytechnic University of Tirana for Textile Engineering. Holds the degree of Doctor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Advanced Materials (Composite). She is the Coordinator for the ILS Leda International Network for the Western Balkans Region, as well as a member of its Executive Board. Member of the National Council of Civil Society for a period of 2 years. During her career she has managed over 50 national and international projects.


Amarda Mema

Financial Manager

Amarda is graduated from the University of Tirana (Albania) in the field of Finance – Accounting, achieving the title of financial qualification – accountant. Her professional interests focus on the economic field and her current projects include the financial management of EU funded projects.

She holds the title of Financier and has considerable experience in organizing seminars, various consultative meetings with stakeholder community groups.

Her previous experiences relate to financial institutions (banks and insurance companies). She has participated in various seminars and trainings.


Nikolla Pulla

Project Manager

Nikolla completed his studies at the University of Tirana, Bachelor in Political Science and Master in International Relations. He is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Public Policy and Human Resources at Masarik University, Czech Republic.

His experience is extended to the NGO sector, where he has served so far for 4 organizations in Albania.

Nikola is part of the team since 2019 in the position of Project Coordinator. He is responsible for writing, implementing, coordinating projects, also with an active contribution in the communication part.

Albana photo

Albana Jashari

Project Assistant

Albana is graduated from Ismail Qemali University(Vlore, Albania) in Business Management and Tourism.

She continued her studies at the economic faculty of the University of Tirana, specializing in Banking – Finance. She is currently pursuing the ACCA qualification studies, an internationally recognized certification for accounting. Through previous work experience in the economic and administrative field, in an Albanian branch of International

Oil company, she has acquired an analytical and critical mindset for making the best business decisions in a project and thorough understanding of project objectives and goals, providing efficiency, integrity and a strong work ethic.

Tomor Agolli

Logistic Support

Tomor has been supporting the staff in the logistics department for more than 10 years.

Ana Taushani

Specialist IT

Ana completed her studies at  “Pavaresia University” of Vlora, Bachelor in Computer Engineering and Master in Information Systems in the Economy at University of Tirana. Now she is attending an online training on Business Analytics. 

She has been a Specialist IT at Auleda for one year (2015-2016) and she has been part of other projects in the few past years. Part of the Swiss Contact project: Training of students to create web pages using HTML and CSS.  Part-time teacher at
University “Ismail Qemali Vlore”
Subject: Information and Communication Technology, Information Systems in
Economy. Now she works at University Ismail Qemali Vlore as Specialist IT, and part-time at Auleda.


Andi Andoni


Andi graduated in Finance at the “Ismail Qemali” University of Vlora, Bachelor’s level. He also holds a Master of Science Degree in Finance.

Previous work experiences are focused on business development, market analysis, sales expansion, marketing and accounting system.

The work experience as a credit analyst at the “Besa” Fund has created the opportunity to get to know the needs of individual and business customers for financial support and technical assistance in the preparation of business plans.