SSM Nature: Innovative Space Satellite Monitoring of the Environmental Natural Resources of the Cross – Border Area Greece – Albania.
Priority axis 2: Promotion and sustainable development of the environment and of natural and cultural resources.
Measure: 2.1 Promote and protect the environmental resources of the area.
Financed: IPA CBC Program Albania – Greece, European Community
Project Period: 01/10/2012 – 30/03/2014
Overall Lead partner: Region of Western Macedonia
Project Partners:

  • Biologists of Albania Organization, Albania
  • Municipality of Konitsa, Greece.


 Project Description:

The project aims at establishing an innovative & cost effective solution for monitoring the Natural Resources of Greece & Albania. Satellite observation using high & very-high resolution satellite data of the area, allows monitoring for any changes as well as for monitoring practices in the wider area. These changes can be fires set by farmers, wild fires in forests, pollution of water resources & atmosphere by the power stations. Western Macedonia’s atmosphere is highly polluted. The power stations are responsible for generating some 80% of the country’s energy requirements. This has a detrimental effect on citizens’ health & on the environment, with exposure to emissions of SO2, NOx, and VOCs above acceptable levels. The natural environment suffers acidification, eutrophication & loss of biodiversity. Citizens experience respiratory problems & chronic morbidity. LP1 in the monitoring process will include the lakes of Prespes, Kastoria, ect, the National Park of Northern Pindos, etc.

Additionally, the other regions face a lot of problems, especially fires, water pollution, atmosphere pollution due to the high use of car, etc. LP2 will include in the monitoring procedure the Bay of Vlora, the Oricum Lagoon, the Butrint Lagoon, Lumi i Vlores & Vjosa Rivers. In Gjirokastra, the monitoring will be focused on the natural monuments, national parks, protected scenic areas, rivers, etc. The Korca area has problems with wastes, water pollution in Ohrid and Prespa. The monitoring will focus on the resources of water, land, forests and national parks. Konitsa wish to monitor the following resources: Natura areas such as the National Park Vikos – Aoos & North Pindos, lakes, rivers, the air quality, etc. The actions that will take place are specially designed for environmental changes, relationship between human activities & wildlife & nature. The project will contribute to the development of existing / planned national & European policies & networks in the field.