Supporting social inclusion of Roma and Egyptian Communities Financuar nga UNDP

Main objective

  •  To support professional empowerment of Roma and Egyptian communities in the Albanian regions of Vlora and Berat.
  • To provide 60 Roma and Egyptians living in selected locations with a professional training experience.
  • To provide 20 educated Roma and Egyptian young people with skills for support the professional inclusion of members of their community, and to provide 4 of them with a valuable professional experience in that field.
  • To facilitate target group’s entrance or re-entrance in the labor world.
  • To support target group’s entrepreneurial initiatives.
  • To sustain creation of business partnerships among target group members.
  • To enhance target group’s social empowerment and recognition of ethnical characteristics as a positive element.
  • To involve local relevant stakeholders in planning the socio-professional inclusion of Roma and Egyptian communities.

 Target group

  1. 30 Roma/Egyptian people living in selected areas of Vlora region.
  2. 30 Roma/Egyptian people living in selected areas of Berat region.
  3. The target group will be composed by two sub-groups:
  4. 40 people (20 from Vlora region and 20 from Berat region) with low educational level, living in rural areas and mainly connected with the agricultural and manufacturing economic sector.
  5. 20 people (10 from Vlora region and 10 from Berat region) with university degrees, with a particular attention for those who have a specific education in social work, nursing or other social services-related fields.
  6. The aim of having such a diverse target group is to address the needs of the different souls of Roma and Egyptian communities: the traditional one, marginalized and characterized by low educational and economic levels of its members and by the connection with traditional unspecialized jobs; and the new one, composed by young people who integrate themselves into the dominant society, but hiding/refusing their ethnical origin.
  7. A special attention will be paid to the inclusion of young people in the target group, and to the respect of gender-balance principle.


  • Vlora and Berat region, specifically:
  • In Vlora region, the municipality of Vlora and the communes of Novosele and Shushica;
  • In Berat region, the municipality of Berat and the commune of Otllak.
  • The locations for the project have been identified considering the relevant presence of Roma/Egyptian communities, and their connection to the business activities the present proposals aims to promote.