Project Mental Health

Social enterprised for the psychosocial integration of the patients of the psychiatric hospital in Vlora city . Financed from Puglia Region .

The Agency activities were focused on these specific objectives:

The creation of the 24 hours shelter with the typology of the house building for 8-10 women which were the patient of the neuropsychiatry hospital during the project implementation, in order to realize the psycho-social integration with the aim to grow up their autonomy in the daily life . The improvement and strengthening of the Community Centre activities of the mental health in Vlora city through the organization and realization of the psychosocial rehabilitation activities of the patients and the persons who frequent the centre .

  •  The works for the reconstruction of the social centre for the mental health patients.Furnishing of the centre
  •  Support for the Italian expert missions for the Neuropsychiatry hospital staff training
  •  Support for the realization of the activities


  •  Reconstruction of the Communitarian Center of the mental health patients and the creation of the protected houses
  •  The rehabilitation of 10 mental health patients in the environments of the communitarian center able to make an individual live.
  •  Enlivenment of live and activities in the Communitarian Center of Mental Health.
  •  Training of 25 doctors and nurses of the Psychiatric Hospital about the new treatment techniques for the mental health patients.