Social Integration of Women in the area of Vlora River

 Social integration of women in the area of Vlora River, by generating income from trading in aromatic and medicinal herbs

Purpose : The project aimed at improving the social status of women through the collection of medicinal plants generating income from trading of herbs.

Project area : 7 Communes of Vlora River.

 Project Activities

  •  Identification of women herbs collecting.
  •  Identification of firms collecting medicinal and aromatic plant.
  •  Evaluation of cumulative capacity and training needs.
  •  Training of women on contemporary methods of collection and treatment of medical and aromatic herbs.
  •  Creating Networks between public entities, private and civil society to foster and promote the industry sector medicinal herbs.
  •  Marketing the best medicinal and aromatic products. Creating labels for identification products Vlora River.Establishing links between women’s collection, akumuluesve and exporting firms in order to reduce intermediate links.

Partners : 7 EDEN / USAID, EPCA-National Association of Exporters of Herbs Medical, Municipalities of Shushica, Armenian, Vllahine, Kote, Sevaster, Horea-Vranisht and Brataj.