Innovative System for a Sustainable Rural Tourism. New technologies

Financed from the European Community. INTERREG IIIA

The project SITRuS aimed to offer services to the public administrate, entrepreneurs, public and private touristy operators basing to the territory contextual information.

This project were implemented :

  1. Methodologies and development processes of the touristy development services through service packets for sustainable tourism as a service packet for the cultural activities. In this way was created the experimenting possibility from the private organs interested to the touristy sector as of museums, archives or libraries to test the validity of the determined indicators.
  2. Methodologies and development processes of new touristy products to increase the offers through: a). Informative system of the territory referred to the specific products (expectancy, natural and human factors, historical and archeological values, re creative services, movement services etc. b) development of the quality marks. c) Research and valuation activities from the specialized subjects for the realization of touristy packets.
  3. Methodologies and communication process to direct concrete actions to attract the final client in these areas.

 Realized several activities

  •  Training of the rural areas women interested for the creation and management of the B&B structures.
  •  Identification and preparation of the material according to the natural, historical and history monuments.
  •  GIS Mapping to a monument map of Vlora Region to which were determined with numbers the identified monuments.Promotional materials.


  •  Were identified 100 cultural, natural and history monuments and their determination in Vlora region map.
  •  Training of 112 women about the B&B structures.
  •  Preparation with CAD program of 25 topograf maps of the monuments determining even the geografical altitude and longitude of each monument.
  •  Production of a high technology documentary about the monuments description.
  •  Creation of a web page for the project and the Region monuments.