SENIOR – II: Improving the provision of environmental services in Vlora through the “Trained Observers Technique”.
Financed: Embassy of Sweden
Project Period: 15/03/2018-15/10/2018

 Project Description:

According to the legislation on local self-government, the municipal mission is to govern effective, efficient and at the same level as the citizen. One of the instruments for accomplishing this mission is:

  • realization of services in accordance with municipality needs,
  • providing access, quality and cost affordable by everyone,
  • in accordance with the standards required by law, and,
  • respecting national and regional policies.

Vlora Municipality is responsible for designing and deploying a service performance management system to improve the level and quality delivery of these services. The assessment of environmental services funding in 2017 highlighted for the Municipality of Vlora the fact that the budget for environmental services focuses on public services that improperly affect the environment and does not envisage the development of environmental services up to four years after the administrative-territorial reform. For this reason, the project intends to include a group of observers who will be trained in cooperation with the Urban Research Institute and will use a unified system (Trained Observers Technique) for the environmental service provision situation in Vlora documenting it with photographs and an evaluation form. Based on the evaluation of trained observers, Vlora Municipality, which is responsible for providing environmental services, will make the decision to increase or reallocate funds for that service.

 Project Specific Objectives:

The project aims to combine efforts to involve the community in decision-making and support of local authorities to improve the current situation of providing environmental services. Specifically, the project will achieve specific objectives as follows:

  • 1. Creation of a network of qualified observers to monitor the provision of environmental services.
  • 2. Supporting local authorities in improving service delivery and financing through prioritization.
  • 3. Involve the community in prioritizing intervention needs.

 Project general objective:

This project will help to improve the current environmental situation and improve the provision of environmental services by providing a cleaner and more secure environment. Also, this project will directly affect the perception of residents for the provision of environmental services.

On the other hand, this project will help the governance units to achieve the objectives of the decentralization strategy in strengthening local democracy through increasing civic inclusion and strengthening community structures at the local level.


  • Activity 1. Identification and activation of persons who will be engaged in observation and provision of environmental services.
  • Activity 2. Assessment of service condition and the need for intervention in improving the service delivery will be accomplished through the preparation of a manual.
  • Activity 3. In co-operation with the Urban Research Institute, Auleda will conduct observer training according to the unified manual (Trained Observers Techniques).
  • Activity 4. Physical assessment of the provision of environmental services through the network of trained observers using TOT.
  • Activity 5. Study tour of the network of trained observers in Krujë in order to exchange experiences between trained observer networks.
  • Activity 6. The drafting of the Best Practice “Trained Observers Techniques”.
  • Activity 7. Meetings with communities on prioritizing the services to be monitored and for the necessary interventions to improve the current situation of providing these services.
  • Activity 8. Meeting for the presentation of the network of trained observers by Auleda to the Vlora municipal council and/or Vlora municipal administration as potential members of the community structure.
  • Activity 9. Meetings between the networking organizations for environmental services.
  • Activity 10. Final conference in Vlora for the presentation of experiences on environmental services monitoring.