ESM: Environmental Services Management

Financed: Swedish Government
Implemented: REC Albania
Project period: 01/05/2013-15/12/2013
Network leader: Urban Research Institute URI
Network partners: Auleda (Vlore), Fondacioni Gjirokastra, Ruajtia dhe Mbrojtia e Mjedisit Natyror(Shkoder), Tjeter Vizion(Elbasan), Une Gruaja(Pogradec).

Project Description:

The activities are focused on the environment issues. The aim of this network is to address environmental problems in a wider context, based on a particular methodology, sharing information between partners for services for waste management, water, territory, environmental budgeting and urban environmental pollution and awareness community and especially the younger generations for increased environmental culture and environmental protection. The activities that will organized in the framework of this project will be: sensitizing; paper collection and recycling, reuse and transformation of waste in ti the valuable products; collection and recycling of textiles, manufacture of “ecological” bags by women’s mental health involved in the reintegration program; monitoring of sea water, laboratory analysis and installation of information boards for the community and tourists.


  •  Sensitizing and environmental education
  • Social integration of community center women in Vlora, throug crafting activities.
  • Implementation of various creative objects from school pupils reuse of the materials used and reduce waste
  • Promotion of products produced by recycling the mini-fair by sensitizing the community but also create a greater impact to other city schools.
  • Informing tourists through wastewater monitoring beaches in the district of Vlora.


  • Paper collection and recycling
  • Recycling of textiles
  • Upcycling
  • SeaWater monitoring
  • Fairs