ROSA Project

The realization of an integrated network between the researches organs, fair organs, local and regional organs, the economical development agencies, located to the Adriatic area, for the birth of the innovative entrepreneurs consolidation” ROSA- CARDS .

This project aims the realization of an integrated network between the different public and private organs, businesses and fair organization organs. Lead Partner of this project for the Italians were the Union of the Molise Trade Chambers for the Albanians the Commercial Chamber of Tirana and for the Croatians the Istria Region.The Albanian partners in this project were the Chamber of Trade and Industry Tirane, The chamber of Trade and Industry Lezhe, Shkoder Region, The Local Economic Development Agencies “Auleda” Vlore and “Teuleda” Shkoder.

 The activities of this project include :

  •  Mapping of local productive system.Normative acts mapping in the base of which develop their activity all businesses.
  •  Promotional mechanism mapping of businesses as of the scientific centers.
  •  Promotional mechanism mapping of businesses as of the scientific centers that work about the promotion of new technologies promotion as support for the businesses.
  •  Creation of project web page and exhibition of businesses in a virtual fair.Creation of a network between respective organs of Albania and Italy.

 Important Informations

  1. Were identified 6460 enterprises from which 5350 are small and medium enterprises
  2. They operate in the businesses sectors of construction, production, service4s and transport.
  3. The annual fund utilized for scientific surveys is 77.000 Euro.
  4. Registered brands number appears to be very low.
  5. The annual incomes that derivated from this enterprises for all this sectors are115.500.000 Euro (According to the Tax Directory of Vlora)


  1. Mapping of Local productive system, creation of a data base with information about the enterprises activities.
  2. Normative Act data base and the legal frame that businesses operate.
  3. Public and private organs data base that promote innovative technologies as the fund utilized for scientific surveys.
  4. Data-base of enterprises classified according to the sectors, annual incomes, and number of employers.