REC – Green Environment for tourism in Novosele Municipality

With the support and the financing of REC (Regional Centre for the Environment in Albania) 

Aim of the project

Improvement of community life through the rehabilitation of the green surfaces and environment community sensitizing.


  •  Training and education on the environment issues for community, young people
  •  Rehabilitation of green surfaces and creation of recreation areas in Novosela Commune
  •  Sensitizing of community about the environment issues through media strategy implementation.

 Awareness Campaign

  1. Meetings with young people in order to increase
  2. Awareness about environmental protection
  3. Meetings with the local communities of the Novosele Municipality
  4. Preparation of the information leaflets


  1. Creation of green areas along the municipality main road
  2. Creation of playgrounds in the elementary school of Novosele


  1. 500 young students from school and 1500 Municipality members have participated in the meetings for the awareness campaign on environmental protection
  2. 1500 square meters of green areas and 250 of playgrounds created
  3. 150 ornamental plants, 16 benches, 4 tables and 4 arbours, 20 baskets, 10 boards for the awareness campaign