PITAGORA- Platform for the Information Technology Aimed at Getting Opportunities to reduce ICT Gap in the Adriatic Area.

The project key element is the high transferability of the proposed methodologies, due to their simplicity and adaptability to the different frameworks. The regions partner of the project, represent an ideal puzzle of experiences, ranging from the Italian regions which have a high propensity towards investment in innovative services (Emilia Romagna, Friuli Venezia Giulia), Croatia with a good use of Internet and its services, while Albania, BiH and Montenegro with a strong need to be engaged in the process of ICT promotion.

PITAGORA basic hypothesis is that the programme area is characterised by a a widespread risk of loss of competitiveness, also linked to the scant capacity of enterprises to invest in R&D, with outdate technological means and low-technological production. In addition Public Administration still hinder the full exploitation of ICT, mainly in terms of transparency and simplification of procedures, e-government, moreover PCC show a scanty use of internet and require simple, flexible measures to be uptaken as soon as possible.


  • to develop and augment information networks and access to them
  • to accelerate ICT penetration in the areas involved
  • to raise awareness among SMEs and Public Authorities about the potentialities of ICT services
  • to create a favourable environment to foster the digitalisation process
  • improve the IPA area’s innovation capacity favouring the exchange among PA
  • enterprises business, representative organisations,
  • development agencies
  • foster the transfer of experiences and know-how between areas with big disparities
  • develop cross-border strategies which support ICT
  • to favor positive impacts on regional and local development and employment opportunities
  • to reduce isolation through improved access to ICT.

Specific objectives

  • to ameliorate the infrastructure allowing interoperability of the administration services in IPA area;
  • to enlarge the set of services offered by Public Administrations
  • improve staff’s capacities concerning ICT use
  • enhance SMEs efficiency and competitiveness
  • establishment of new ICT services
  • increase the percentage of population with access to ICT
  • development of concrete actions and policies specifically thought for Adriatic Countries.