Alba 47 – “Rural Economy”

Funded by Oxfam GB

The project “Rural economy and youth” aims the support and technical assistance of all actors that influence rural development in areas with a clear profile of the resort. Through this project we aim to the identification of cultural values, economic, natural and historic of Orikum area and villages (Radhime, Tragjas, Dukat) included under this administrative unit. Certain activities of this project had intended training of women and youth by increasing their opportunities for employment and self-employment in accordance with the economic profile of the area. A very important aspect of this project is the re-evaluation of the area, through promotional activities, aiming to return this area in an attractive area for domestic and foreign tourists.

 AULEDA’s Activities:

  •  Training of women of Orikum area for an effective management of tourist host structures through the organization of kitchen courses, communications and hospitality.
  •  Training youth in cooking classes, restaurant, hotels and reception, these occupations required from the labor market.
  •  Food & Folk Festival, an event aimed at promoting cultural, historic, gastronomic and tourist area.
  •  e-evaluation of archaeological resources through the reconstruction of the Holy Well at the Orikum Archaeological Park.


  1. Preparation and publication of Orikum Tourist Guides 2008.
  2. Preparation and publication of agro industrial guides

 Partners in the implementation of the project :

  1. Orikum Municipality
  2. Farmers’ associations and cultural associations operating in the area.
  3. Directorate of Monuments / Directorate of Orikum Archaeological Park.
  4. Directorate of Orikum Middle School.
  5. Village leaders of the villages Radhime, Tragjas, Dukat

 Alba 50

Construction of a market for the farmers

Aim of the Project

The project aim was helping the farmers to reach easily the market through theimprovement of trade infrastructure of their products. Protected the consumers facilitating a process of production respecting standards and market requests.

Area of intervention: Orikum

It is a municipality in the Vlorë District, Vlorë County, southwestern Albania. It was named after the ancient city Oricum, which was located 4 km west of modern Orikum. The municipality consists of the town Orikum and the villages Dukat Fushë, Dukat, Tragjas and Radhimë. Nearby the modern city is located the only marina in Albania, Marina of Orikum.


  •  Feasibility study and preparation of the technical plan
  •  Fund raising for the investment
  •  Construction of the market
  •  Promotion and inauguration


  •  A modern market for the sale of the agricultural products, divided into 38 sell-points
  •  Incomes increasing in the Orikum Municipality as a result of the controlled sale
  •  Increased security for the consumers, at least 10000 inhabitants and thousands of Albanian tourists visiting the area every year

 Alba 63

Support to the farmers of Shushica Commune to reach easily the trade


To offer the needed support to the farmers and producers, improve their production to reach the trade.

 Project Activities

  •  Meetings with the representatives of Local Government.
  •  Innovation technology on the balanced nutrition.
  •  Vaccination of tiny livestock’s in the area of Vlora River
  •  Support with vegetable seedlings of the agriculture in Shushica.


  •  50000 vegetable seedlings given to the farmers of Shushica Commune
  •  2 small farmers supported with balanced nutrition.
  •  528 farms with 76000 tiny livestock vaccinated
  •  600 farmers of Vlora Rivers sensitized about the importance of deceases prevention of the animals.

 Alba 64

Adding value to livelihoods work in Albania

Period 1.07.2009 – 28.02.201

The main goal of this project was to give to the farmers support not only about reaching the market easily but also for a better marketing.

 Project Activities

  •  Meetings with partners and collaborators involved in the project implementation
  •  Realization of trainings aiming the insertion of the recent methods in agriculture and farming sectors.
  •  The experiment about the treatment of the recent methods of nutrition.
  •  Identification of farmers’ group to initiate the process of creating farmers’ association and for the benefit of inputs.
  •  Establish a database for the farmers’ beneficiaries from the distribution of inputs in collaboration with local government.
  •  Distribution of vaccines and their application to the municipality Shushices cattle. Realization of farmers’ fair.
  •  Support for the improvement of the watering land system in the village of Karbunara of Armen Commune.


  •  120 farmers of Shushices Commune trained for livestock breeding and cultivation of vegetables, fruit trees and vineyards
  •  2 cow farms assist with balanced meals, prepared on scientific basis.
  •  10 litres of milk per cow more as a result of treatment with a balanced food.
  •  About 200 farmers sensitized to modern methods of feeding the cattle.
  •  56 farms with 318 cattle vaccinated in villages of Shushices Commune.
  •  472 farms with 75,702 finely cattle vaccinated
  •  About 600 farmers of the area of Vlora River to raise awareness for prevention of diseases transmitted from animals to humans.
  •  A water pump for 1050 inhabitants in the village Karbunara – Armen Commune.
  •  50000 vegetable seedlings with higher production capacity for Shushices Commune farmers.
  •  Creating a Farmer association with 13 founding members from the Shushices Commune.