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The main objective of the project is the development of socio- economic of Kavaja and Rrogozhina, the valorization and promotion of cultural heritage in the region. In order to achieve its objective, the project will create new and alternative methods of tourism, in particular cultural tourism. 

REC Project

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Improvement of community life through the rehabilitation of the green surfaces and environment community sensitizing.

Improvement of community life through the rehabilitation of the green surfaces and environment community sensitizing….

Senior A

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The activities are focused on the environment issues. The aim of this network is to address environmental problems in a wider context, based on a particular methodology, sharing information between partners for services for waste management, water, territory, environmental budgeting and urban environmental pollution and awareness community and especially the younger generations for increased environmental culture and environmental protection. The activities that will organized in the framework of this project will be…

Senior II

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According to the legislation on local self-government, the municipal mission is to govern effective, efficient and at the same level as the citizen. One of the instruments for accomplishing this mission is:

Realization of services in accordance with municipality needs, providing access, quality and cost affordable by everyone in accordance with the standards required by law, and, respecting national and regional policies….

Achieve Zero Plastic

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Urban wastes and their administration, under European environmental standards, constitute an acute emergency that needs intervention. Whether the implementation of the National Waste Management plan 2010-2025 has enhanced the legislative situation, starting its alignment to EU directives, the ongoing situation is still pretty dramatic. All around Albania and, as the project concerned, in the city Vlora, plastic collection is carried out by people turning the general waste garbage upside down, looking for plastic wastes. This process causes the dispersion of the general wastes all around the garbage, degrading and making unhealthy the streets for all the community and, moreover, is unacceptable under a social point of view…..

Mileucontact Project

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Draft proposal aimed at developing an awareness campaign on air pollution, factors that influence the consequences that are reflected in the health of residents and the role of community in reducing them.

I & A Project

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Project arises from a common desire of partners to promote innovative initiative to koperimit based on technology to promote tourism and Property natyrorete cross-border territory of Puglia region (Bari, Brindisi, Lecce), and Albania (Durres, Shkoder, Vlore, Tirana).

Main objective of this project was the creation of an integrated model system of evaluation and promotion of tourism sector between the two areas of project implementation, the creation of a system of cooperation between actors operating in the territory, including (local institutions, public administration, universities, undertakings, ONG-s etc.).


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The project aim was the development of local tourist system in the district of Vlora, creation of B&B structures, capacity building in the B&B structure management. The project was implemented in Qeparo, Hore-Vranisht and Radhima villages, with great recourses for the rural tourism development.


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The project SITRuS aimed to offer services to the public administrate, entrepreneurs, public and private touristy operators basing to the territory contextual information.

Methodologies and development processes of the touristy development services through service packets for sustainable tourism as a service packet for the cultural activities. In this way was created the experimenting possibility from the private organs interested to the touristy sector as of museums, archives or libraries to test the validity of the determined indicators.


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This project aims the realization of an integrated network between the different public and private organs, businesses and fair organization organs. Lead Partner of this project for the Italians were the Union of the Molise Trade Chambers for the Albanians the Commercial Chamber of Tirana and for the Croatians the Istria Region.The Albanian partners….


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This project aimed the valorization of art, culture and language in Vlora Region. Lead partner of this project was theLecce Province Italy. This project included 15 partners in Italy and Albania respectively the provinces of Lecce, Bari, Mediterranean Culture Institute of Lecce Region, Albanian Culture and Tourism Ministry, Eco Museum of Rock- Cursi Commune Italy, Auleda-Vlore, Teuleda-Durresi, Integra Onlus and Adrias Commune. Auleda agency was the only partner that operated about the project implementation in Vlora Region.

Gef Medicinal Plants

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The project “Rural economy and youth” aims the support and technical assistance of all actors that influence rural development in areas with a clear profile of the resort. Through this project we aim to the…