Mileucontact Project

A pollution-free environment, the responsibility of the entire community .

1 March – to 30 April 2010

Draft proposal aimed at developing an awareness campaign on air pollution, factors that influence the consequences that are reflected in the health of residents and the role of community in reducing them.


  1. Growth at 20% of the level of awareness among young people of secondary school students and 8-year old brings negative effects on air pollution and health development
  2. Strengthening of cooperation between local institutions and environmental civil society organizations to prevent the air pollution factor
  3. Promote community response to environmental pollution in general and in particular the air
  4. Meetings with the school community
  5. Meetings with household women and women’s associations
  6. Meetings with business
  7. Caricature exhibition
  8. Awareness action
  9. TV Spot
  10. TV Debate

 Activities undertaken

  1. About 350 young students of elementary and secondary school received information on environmental protection and pollution effects on health and welfare.At least 20 papers in caricature where were given messages to the community on environmental protection.
  2. About 40 representative household women and women’s associations to sensitize the environment and health. About 20 representatives of business sensitized to environmental safeguards.
  3. A broadcast spot and conducted for three months in the local media to sensitize community to protect and improve the environment.A sensitize chronic with all activities undertaken under this campaign.
  4. A television debate with the Department of Public Health for emphasizing the importance of air and pollution level The awakening of other awareness activities in public and private schools for environmental protection.