LAG (Local Action Group) – Local Action Group is a major component of the EU LEADER initiative.LAG was made by institutions or individuals, whether private or public partners to a rural area and include representatives of various sectors of socio-economic factors.

 PHASE I – Exchange of experiences with existing LAG:

Holstebro” Denmark, Oxfam GB Tirana and its local collaborators to see examples of how the Lags function, how they worker and how the Lags are financed , was made an several days appointment in Denmark to be introduced more closely with these experiences.Starting from all the documents of the three municipalities, and based on the needs analysis conducted in the field is defined in the strategy the best way on which the LAG need to move in next 5 years.

 Phase II-Implementation of 3 pilot investments in the area LAG “ADRIJON” Vlore

  1. Investment in Center Commune– “Improving the environment and tourism development in kind” application point Narta. 130 decorative trees were planted along the entrance street to the village of Narta, Tourist Guide for Center Commune, an information center in Zvernec for foreign and domestic tourists
  2. Investments in Orikum Municipality – Friendly Tourism with children. Rehabilitation of the garden in the neighbourhood “10 Korriku” by turning in a relaxed playground for children and seniors, with toys for children, with decorative tree, with benches relaxed for the elderl.
  3. Investment in Novosela Commune-“Revitalization of cultural and social life of youth, women, older people in 12 villages of the Novosela Commune” through the reconstruction of Novosela Commune cinema.


The final phase of the project was aimed at increasing gender empowermen.

To increase the capacity of LAG were conducted several seminars:
  •  Workshop for participation in local decision-making process, participatory budgeting.
  •  Workshop to assess the needs of rural women through LAG, their involvement in local politics.
  •  Workshop on gender budgeting and women’s empowerment in rural areas.
  •  Roundtable on evaluation methods for participatory budgeting, local government accountability and gender approach.
  •  LAG as a model for fundraising to bolster bottom-up approach.


    •  A renovated cinema at Novosela and put in function of the youth of the area and beyond.
    •  A relaxed playground for children and third age in the neighbourhood “10Korriku” in Orikum
    •  Flourishing of the Orikum beach road with 72 vases of flowers and 36 bins for waste disposal.
    •  Greening of the entrance road in the village of Narta with 130 decorative trees.
    •  A tourist information centre in Zvernec. A tourist guide for the Centre Commune (Albanian, English)
    •  182 persons trained on gender equality, participation in decision making and participatory budgeting.
    •  A national conference of the Albanian Lag-s in Razma and Shkoder.