Strengthen the gender capacity of LAG Adrijon-Vlora

Strengthen the gender capacity of LAG Adrijon-Vlora, LAG Maranaj – Shkodra and LAG Drini – Dibër

 Objectives of the project:

The purpose of this project is to provide support to the structures of the 3 LAG- (s) in the regions of Shkodra and Vlora so that they strengthen the gender capacity by increasing quantitative and qualitative involvement of rural women groups.


Description of the methodology to be applied for achieving results. How to act and what tools / resources are required for the implementation of activities;

Oxfam GB has a long-term cooperation experience with rural women’s groups in the areas of Shkodra, Vlora and Diber. LAG Drini – Debar Board structures, LAG AdriJon-Vlora and LAG Maranaj – Shkodra will identify all the needs of women groups through a gender gap analysis-GGA associated with building the capacity of rural women in this area. With each of these LAGs, Oxfam GB will build a MoU which will define the framework of cooperation between them and the local government that represents the structure of the 3 LAGs.

 Expected results and progress

Nearly 200 women in 3 LAGs will undergo a series of trainings on how to participate actively in local decision-making as well as to promote the organization of a series of meetings LOG + LAG (Local Government + Local Action Group) where rural women influence their public accountability. On the other hand different groups of women from 3 LAGs will develop a methodology to track the implementation of the performance of local government for the inclusion of gender approach in policies and their local investments taking into account the objectives set out in each of the Local Development strategies of LAG Maranaj-Shkodra, LAG AdriJon- Vlora and LAG Drini – Diber.

 Location and implementation time

Activities will include the area of LAG Adrijon – Vlora, LAG Drini-Diber and LAG Maranaj – Shkodra and will extend over the period May 2012 – May 2013