The Knowledge Exchange Program for the Adriatic School System

 Project Summary

The Knowledge Exchange Program for the Adriatic School System (KEPASS) is a project aimed at promoting undergraduates mobility at the secondary school level, responding to the growing need of a challenging and high quality education system from young students and their parents. This is why the main goal of this program is to give students, aged 17 or 18, the opportunity to attend, for a few months, a foreign school in another Adriatic country, stressing how every education system should emphasize the following aspects: 1- Challenge students to accept social and cultural changes, constantly growing in a more globalized environment, throughout the exposure to other cultures.
2- Allow students to broader their possibilities in terms of universities choices.
3- Empower students to be more competitive in the global labor market.
4- Learn through the experience and get to know languages and cultures of other Adriatic countries.


KEPASS main objective is to integrate the Adriatic School systems for a more competitive secondary education in the Adriatic area and to create opportunities for students’ mobility and for reciprocal recognition of secondary school programs and diplomas, thus contributing to increasing connections between the educational system and the Adriatic labor market.

Partners and associated partners

KEPASS Project partners and associate partners are national and regional educational authorities from Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania

Project Partners:

    •  Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia (ITALY) – Lead Partner
    • United World College of the Adriatic (ITALY)
    • Region of Marche (ITALY)
    • Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of the Canton of Herzegovina-Neretva (BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA)
    • Bureau for Education Services (MONTENEGRO)
    • Region of Istria (CROATIA)
    • National Education Institute of the Republic of Slovenia (SLOVENIA)
    • Auleda – Local Economic Development Agency in Vlore (ALBANIA)

Associated partners:

  • Ministry of Education, University and Research – General Directorate for International Affairs (ITALY).
  • Ministry of Education in the Republic of Slovenia (SLOVENIA)
  • National Centre for External Evaluation of Education (CROATIA)12. Regional Education Directorate of Vlore (ALBANIA)