Miniaturization technology: synergies of research and innovation to enhance the economic development of the Adriatic.

Project Summary

Public and Private entities in Adriatic and elsewhere have identified a challenge on finding a common language and field of interest between research & innovation and reaching a common understanding of the commercial imperatives in terms of economic and social development. IPATECH aims at developing a network for integrated trans-regional cooperation between knowledge & technology providers, innovation intermediaries and SMEs in the agro-food sector and thus facilitate industrial and commercial exploitation of research results by taking into account technology and other “soft” aspects in the process. Establishment of Agro-food Innovation Centers and Agro-food Technology & Innovation Platform to assist identification of research commercialization opportunities.

 Project Description

The agro-food sector represents one of the most important economic sectors for Adriatic Region local economies depending heavily on it for their development & prosperity. Nevertheless, the sector faces challenges related to globalization, the increasing role of non-EU states that follow a cost-leadership strategy & the concurrence from EU members based on sophisticated food production technologies.

    • Communication methods and dialogue with SME-s;
    • Identification of which R&D & training needs are relevant for the SME-s
    • Cooperation with academic institutions to ensure that the spotted needs are given appropriate answers.


Ipatech Publication


  •  ALBANIA 2 (Auleda & Fondi Shqiptar i Zhvillimit)
  •  CROATIA 2
  •  GREECE 1
  •  ITALY 3