Information Center

Information center for citizens and tourists of Vlora.

Financed by the U.S. Embassy Tirana

The purpose of realization of this project was to create two information centers which will serve as a reference point for providing information to citizens by the local government, local institutions, cultural institutions and organizations. Also these information centers will come to help tourists by giving them information on ways and means of transport, hotels and restaurants, monuments of culture, etc.

 Project Activities

  •  Realization of an open competition for the design of information centers.
  •  Development of a notification calls to local institutions NGOs and cultural institutions to contribute to the respective information.
  •  Selection of the winning design for the information centers.
  •  Implementation of information centers and their equipment.
  •  Promotion of services offered by the information centers.
  •  Publication of monthly informative newspapers and monthly calendar of activities in town.
  •  Design of the bibliography of materials that can be distributed at information centers.
  •  Processed of complained sheet and forward information to relevant departments.Creating and distribution registry of citizens’ complaints appeals forms.


  •  Vlora Municipality.
  •  Local administrative or cultural institutions.
  •  NGOs operating in Vlora city.