I&A Project

Portal Interactive between Albania and Italy for culture and tourism

Interreg IIIA – Funded by the European Community

Project arises from a common desire of partners to promote innovative initiative to koperimit based on technology to promote tourism and Property natyrorete cross-border territory of Puglia region (Bari, Brindisi, Lecce), and Albania (Durres, Shkoder, Vlore, Tirana).

Main objective of this project was the creation of an integrated model system of evaluation and promotion of tourism sector between the two areas of project implementation, the creation of a system of cooperation between actors operating in the territory, including (local institutions, public administration, universities, undertakings, ONG-s etc.).

Another objective of this project is to promote a partnership between institutional actors operating in the tourist system, evaluation of experiences at national and European level as to create a new employment market as well as to identify best practices.


  •  Identification of the monuments of nature, history and culture and creating a database for each of them.
  •  Completion of tabs to Monuments and their translation into English and Italian.
  •  Completion of questionnaires and identification practices tour operators
  •  Mapping of monuments of nature, culture and history of Vlora District.
  •  Development of GIS maps for the three monuments.Promotion, distribution and publicity of the project results and the internet portal.


  •  150 historical monuments, cultural and natural resources identified.
  •  Portal Interactive Albania – Italy.
  •  Mapping the Monuments of Vlora District
  •  Data base with information prepared in three languages ​​(Albanian, English, Italian) for each monument.


  •  Union of Municipalities of Grecia-Salentines.
  •  Association Onlus Integra. Italy
  • Association “Vision 2000 project.” Italy
  •  AULEDA, Teuleda, Tauleda – Local Economic Development Agencies in Durres, Vlore and Shkoder District