The Grow up EUSAIR POPRI YOUTH Albania Project is a national acceleration program for startups that is carried out within the framework of the EUSAIR POPRI YOUTH Startup international competition,

In this competition participate 9 member countries of the Adriatic – Ionian Region respectively, Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Greece, Albania.

The national startup acceleration program is an open program for young people of two age groups, 14-18 years old and 19-29 years old, from all over Albania.

The purpose of the project is to promote entrepreneurial skills of young people to address social, economic, environmental and sustainable development challenges in priority economic sectors for the development of the country.

Specific objectives: Startups that are created for both of the above-mentioned age groups will confront their business ideas with their peers from the above-mentioned countries by: a) increasing the level of knowledge and their transfer, b) increasing innovative capacities through recognition of new digital technologies, c) expanding the network with young startups from the participating countries of the ADRIATIC-IONIAN area.