Grow Start UP EUSAIR POPRI YOUTH, National Startup Competition

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October 26, 2022

Grow Start UP EUSAIR POPRI YOUTH, National Startup Competition

“Grow Start UP EUSAIR POPRI YOUTH” – National Startup Competition for EUSAIR POPRI YOUTH 2023


On November 11-12-13, 2022, the Local Economic Development Agency – Auleda Vlorë, within the framework of the implementation of the “Grow Up Popri Youth Albania” project, financed by the Minister of State for the Protection of Entrepreneurship, organized a three-day boot camp where young people from public, non-public high schools and universities participated.

The main goal was to acquaint young people with the methods and steps of developing a business idea and create the right entrepreneurial mentality.

During three days, young people worked in groups, where with the assistance of mentors, experts in the field of start-ups, they had the opportunity to process their business ideas and learn more about the stages of structuring an initial idea.

They were introduced to the “Opportunity Canvas” model, which focused on the identification and restructuring of the problem, were involved in intensive mentoring sessions where they were familiarized to the “Value Proposition Canvas” concept, a concept that helps in identifying customer groups and building a Prototype. Learned how to use the Marketing Strategy Canvas to build well-structured marketing campaigns according to identified customer groups.

At the end of the mentorship, the teams learned how to present their ideas in front of a jury, which could be a potential investor of their ideas.

11 business ideas were presented to a jury. The teams developed innovative ideas and high-quality work, identifying real needs that young people have today, and not only, but also presenting their solutions in the form of entrepreneurial models.

The jury awarded the third prize to the group “Uni-Prep”, with the idea of creating an advisory platform for teenagers who need career advice.

In second place was the Alfa group with their idea “Work IT”, the creation of an employment platform for young people aged 16-18.

The first place went to the girl group KAIO IE, with their idea “MILAIO” which is about the production of clothing that produces electricity through photovoltaic cells.

At the end, certificates of participation and prizes for the winners were distributed by the jury, which closed this three-day activity, where young people had the opportunity to learn, generate creative ideas and gain a unique experience.