Support to farmers for cultivation of medicinal plants in the area of “Lumi i Vlores”


The main objectives of the project:

  •  Introduction of modern farming technology as alternative to conventional collection especially for plants with large commercial value.
  •  Transferring cultivation technology to farmers of the area by promoting the use of land and creating opportunities for generating income for local communities
  •  Increase the value of herbs through their cultivation, use of organic seeds.
  •  Sustainable use of flora aromatico-growing medical technology through maintaining ecosystems natural.
  •  To promote this pilot project – aimed his replication even in other potential areas for cultivation.
  •  To create a network between producers and exporters in the area , for a better marketing of the product.

 Activities conducted:

  •  Cultivation of 7000 m2 land of sage seedlings .Technical Consultancy & transfer of technology.
  •  Leaflets information and awareness.a chronic local TV stations, a newspaper article, a report in local media.
  •  Marketing, including meetings with accumulators and exporters, entering into contracts of sale, develop a strategic marketing plan.

 Results achieved:

  •  7000 m2 land planted in the Municipal Grabiamn Shushices with sage seedlings of medicinal plant,on a contract for sale of the product to obtain directly to accumulator
  •  Two specific training for medicinal plants, the growing importance and economic benefit that flows from them
  •  Two practical demonstrations in the field with farmers interested in the area
  •  40 farmers benefited from the training and practical demonstrations
  •  Organized 6 meetings between accumulator and exporter of medicinal herbs to enable direct selling, increase economic benefits for accumulation and elimination of intermediate links
  •  A promotional workshop
  •  A chronic local TV stations, a newspaper article, a report in local media
  •  A brand created for products Vlora River is multiplied to 500 copies
  •  1000 information leaflets for the cultivation of medicinal plants published