Partners in the project:

  •  Mental Health Community Center “BIEDELTA” Association
  •  Auleda

 Description & Aim of the project

The C4A project is a project based on Coaching for Employment philosophy and approach, a pilot project which was funded by SDC and implemented by Alb VET in pilot phase in cooperation with 4 partner NGOs to enhance and facilitate employment of vulnerable individuals throughout the Coaching Cycle. C4E aims to support communities of vulnerable groups, including unemployed youths and individuals from Roma and Egyptian minorities, individuals in need for job insertion and/or reintegration process, through Coaching activities and by developing the capacity of civil society organizations through the provision of small grants. AULEDA is meant to implement the project “Coach to employment” with two categories: The first: Women and men mental health patients integrated into the community life, who frequent the Community Mental Health Centre or live in Shelter Houses, build by AULEDA. With this category, from 4 years AULEDA is being implemented in close cooperation with the Ministry of Health, Department of Psychiatric Hospital a project aimed at deinstitutionalization of mental patients discharged from the hospital, rehabilitation and integration in the community in accordance with the National Mental Health Strategy. Within this project AULEDA created shelter houses for patients without relatives, organizes training activities, recreation, and therapeutic integration. AULEDA has provided technical assistance for the establishment of a greenhouse in order to rehabilitate them. The project was completed at the end of 2011-es, but AULEDA continues voluntary activities with this category. Second category: are the unemployed young people coming from the Egyptian community or the rural areas. With this category we have worked in the framework of a project funded by Oxfam GB for poverty reduction. Through this project was achieved the professional training of 30 young people in this category in necessary occupations for the tourist sector as receptionist, cook, service and hotel management. Young people professionally formed are employed in the tourism sector throughout the year or in seasonal employment.