Business Projects


Business Projects

The project key element is the high transferability of the proposed methodologies, due to their simplicity and adaptability to the different frameworks. The regions partner of the project, represent an ideal puzzle of experiences ...

This project aims the realization of an integrated network between the different public and private organs, businesses and fair organization organs. Lead Partner of this project for the Italians were the Union of the Molise Trade Chambers for the Albanians the Commercial Chamber of Tirana and for the Croatians the Istria Region.The Albanian partners in this project were the Chamber of Trade and Industry Tirane, The chamber of Trade and Industry Lezhe, Shkoder Region, The Local Economic Development Agencies “Auleda” Vlore and “Teuleda” Shkoder.


Traditional arts and crafts, such as ceramics, hagiography, woodworks, stone-works, waxworks, used to be integral cultural parts in the region. Such handicrafts were associated with ancient traditions and formed art masterpieces produced by skilled workers...