The ecological valley

A partnership model for sustainable tourism in the rural areas. (First phase) The project goal was to create a sustainable partnership between local administrations, public and private entities, associations of producers and other stakeholders for a sustainable rural development in the Ecological Valley. Area of project: The Ecological Valley is an mountain area in the south east of Vlora. It include 7 Communes: Commune Centre, Shushica Commune, Vllahina Commune, Kota Commune, Sevaster Commune, Brataj Commune, Armen Commune, Hore – Vranisht Commune, with about 60 villages and 54 000 inhabitants.


  •  Collection of socio-economic data of the Ecological Valley;
  •  Realisation of a database of development resources;
  •  Identification of the economic, social and cultural resources;
  •  Organisation and management of the focus groups;
  •  Questionnaire for the families;
  •  Development Master plan;
  •  GIS mapping.


  •  Database of the business operating within the Vlore River area, classified by municipality;
  •  Database of the welfare services offered within the area (education services; health services, etc);
  •  15 maps of the socio-economic resources of Vlore;
  •  7 focus groups for the discussion of the socio-economic problems of Vlore;
  •  1000 questionnaire given to the families of the Vlore River area;
  •  Editing of the general plan of the Vlore River.